For many years now I’ve been shooting various beautiful parts of Colorado. Each trip into the foothills of the Rockies or along the front range, I pay close attention to the landscape of the journey.

Once out of the cities or surrounding suburbs, the space around you opens up into farmland and designated open spaces, lonely fields of wheat or wild grass. Tracks of crops in various stages of growth. There are few forests in the plains of the front range of the Rockies. When you find them they are usually around creeks or planted in groves as wind breaks. This makes the trees you do find seem lonely, when compared to the huge forests found across the Rocky Mountains.


The best time to shoot in this part of the country is right after sunrise, or right before sunset. The lighting at these times of day is gorgeously colored and wonderfully directional, allowing one to catch to edges of sun-kissed flowers or the strong, jagged edges of the Rockies themselves.

The time of day I’m most excited to shoot here is anytime right before or after a snow storm. The sky in Colorado becomes very think and dark before some storms, where the landscape takes on a sullen mood. Many of the pieces in the UNTAMED SKY Series were shot under these conditions.

The winter months are the few months of the year I get to enjoy these dark, overcast skies.

Minimalism in Shades.

When I started this project sometime in 2012, I wanted to capture these lovely, mostly barren sections of landscape, but I also didn’t want to be too limited in what I shot. So I have varying “shades” of minimalism in this series.

Some of these were shot in the moment with minimal equipment. Sometimes with only what I had on me — an iPhone.

Always Expanding.

This series will continue to grow as I am continuously shooting and adding to the collection. The linked gallery only has a small sample of what I’ll be adding to this collection.

I have a printshop in the works and will have many of the UNTAMED SKY series available as archival art prints. More coming very soon…

Check out the full gallery: